Training with Josh and the AboveFit Training system is all about strength, power and individualized performance. It’s more than physical, though. It’s also about absolute strength in mind and spirit. As a 43-year-old entrepreneur and busy executive, Josh trains me as an athlete – even though I didn’t see myself as one when we first started. But therein lies the magic. By focusing on my strength and building it from day one, I am not only significantly physically stronger, I think and move faster, have more energy, and I am a better businessperson.
— Chadwick, 43
I am a 40 year old physician and what I look for in a coach is someone who is efficient and attentive. Josh is exactly that and more. He listens to my goals and pushes me in order to achieve them. He observes and corrects my technique and fine tunes workouts to avoid injury and maintain focus on the areas I want improved. At the same time, he doesn’t let me slack off: maintaining the rhythm of the workout and suggesting new exercises to keep up the variety. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who is serious about their health and fitness.
— Alexi, 40
I have been training for years with different trainers and was always somewhat pleased with the results I attained. Then as luck would have it I met Josh and my workouts have never been the same. Josh was a breath of fresh air for me. He introduced me to my core and has shown me not only how to lift properly but also safely. I’ve achieved amazing results with his training technique. I highly recommend him. He’s the best!
— Bernard, 58
I must say I was really lucky to find Josh! Right from the start Josh asked me about my goals, and I literally said that I wanted to look like him, as he is in great shape. He of course understood this and planned for my sessions to be focused on core muscles, as well as my largest muscles. Training this way would help me build mass and lose fat. While training with Josh I was able to progressively lift heavier, getting stronger and fitter with every session. I love working with Josh because he is always attentive to my areas of weakness, focusing on my posture for safety, and always with the goal of achieving results. Lastly, Josh is always in a good mood. He is courteous, respectful, and a smart and fun guy. I think that other trainers and gym members look up to him as a benchmark for amazing client service. I’ve definitely learned a lot with him and accomplished my goals. I recommend Josh 1000%!
— Juan, 35
Working with Josh has completely changed my view on fitness and life in general. He introduced to me a more efficient and effective way of working out. We focus on strength and endurance of body and mind. Throughout my coaching, he has helped me excel and learn what I am truly capable of - inside and out. With his guidance I was able to get stronger, fitter and better at life. He is a great motivator, gives great instruction, and is a great role model with positive energy.
— Jennifer, 28
Josh took me at my word on my goals, tailoring sessions to achieving these, all the while still properly balancing my workouts for total body health. Josh always remembers our last training session and what was accomplished both in the amount of weight and the amount of reps. Josh’s demeanor is exactly the kind I like to work with: neither pushy with loud commands, nor patronizing with “good job!” for just completing an exercise. Josh is perceptive, knowing when I am frustrated with myself before I do. He always knows when I can do more when I think can’t and he knows when I can’t do more when I think I can. It didn’t take long to gain absolute trust in him, knowing he had my best interest in mind.
— John, 45