Activation is the preparation of the mind and body for training. Many people plunge into their workouts without direction, focus, and planning. This includes warmups, movement prep, correctives, and exercise strategy. These are all integral components of a training program that are often overlooked, leading to injury and failure in achieving your goals. Our specialists consult with each of our clients to establish the focus of their training and layout a customized roadmap to reaching their desired outcome.



Elevation is the training itself. This is where the activation track and your personalized strategy is brought to life. The elevation track challenges our athletes in multiple time and modal domains through the development of ten general physical skills: strength, power, endurance, speed, stamina, accuracy, coordination, flexibility, agility, and balance. AFTS offers diverse workouts to stimulate all of the body's energy systems through our specialized strength and conditioning program. The elevation track is unique to each member and delivers specific results supported by the science of human adaptation to training and exercise.



Regeneration is the process of rest and recovery. Many trainers and coaches neglect to teach their clients the importance of regeneration and how to recover properly. AboveFit Training believes that a training program is only as good as its recovery - therefore we provide our clients with expert guidance in lifestyle habits, nutrition, supplementation, and mobilization to maximize their training outcome.