AboveFit Training Informed Consent

This assessment is a measure of your overall fitness level. It is not intended as a formal "stress test."

Explanation of the Fitness Evaluation

This assessment includes a measurement of weight, percent body fat, resting heart rate, blood pressure, flexibility, muscle strength and muscle endurance. You will also be performing a functional movement screen (FMS), a passive range of motion screen and an estimated VO2Max test. We may stop the test at any time because of signs of fatigue or discomfort. During the performance of the test, your coach will monitor your heart rate.

Risks and Discomforts

There exists the possibility of certain changes during this assessment. These include abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorders of the heartbeat, and in very rare instances, heart attack. Every effort will be made to minimize these discomforts by a preliminary screening and by observation during testing.

Benefits to be Expected

The information obtained during this test will help you gauge your fitness level and will be used to develop effective, goal-directed fitness programs.


If you have any concerns or questions please ask us for further explanations. You can email us at [email protected]

Freedom of Consent

Your permission to perform this assessment is voluntary. You are free to deny consent or participation if you desire.

I have read this form and I understand the test procedures that I will perform. I consent to participate and understand that the information obtained during this fitness evaluation may be used for statistical purposes. *
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