AboveFit Athlete Program

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AboveFit Athlete Program

Is our introductory training program, expertly crafted to shed fat and show off your lean muscle, while also making tremendous improvements in athletic performance. 


We created this program for anyone and everyone. The program does not take a sport-specific approach but instead focuses on promoting general fitness through strength, power, and endurance. The program will be challenging and fun and will develop a strong foundation for both athletes and non-athletes alike.

The program is ideal for those looking for a plan to provide a strong foundation for any physical activity and lifestyle inside and outside of the gym.


The AboveFit Athlete Program is a 4-day split (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) and each session will focus on ground-based functional movements, so expect a total-body workout with an emphasis on either strength, endurance, or power-endurance.

Each workout comes complete with instruction in: warmup, movement prep, strength, gymnastics, aerobic conditioning, skill, accessory, stretching and cool down.


The AboveFit Athlete Program is designed to build on itself over the course of an entire year. It is recommended that you start with cycle #1 and finish the calendar year with cycle #10. Each cycle is broken down into 5 week blocks and will introduce new movements and focus on specific skills that you will learn to master over the course of each 5 week cycle. We offer complimentary access to the AboveFit Athlete Program for the first 5 week cycle.

The full 10-cycle program is outlined here:

  • AAP Cycle #1”Flash”
  • AAP Cycle #2 “Phoenix”
  • AAP Cycle #3 “Storm”
  • AAP Cycle #4 “Hulk”
  • AAP Cycle #5 “Rogue”
  • AAP Cycle #6 “Ironman”
  • AAP Cycle #7 “Thor”
  • AAP Cycle #8 “Superman”
  • AAP Cycle #9 “Batman”
  • AAP Cycle #10 “Wolverine”


The AboveFit Athlete Program always starts with a dynamic warmup to raise the core temperature and to prepare the body for movement. Each training session will always end with homework that focuses on stability and mobility. The homework is designed so that athletes won't need equipment to complete that section and we encourage athletes to get the homework done on their own after the training session since each day's training should only take 30-40 minutes without the homework. 

Following the warmup, each workout is separated into 3 stations. Each station should take approximately 10-12 minutes to complete. Athletes should complete their station's sets and reps within the 10-12 minute time-frame before moving to the next station. Ideally, athletes will rotate from station 1 to 2 to 3 before ending the workout with the Finisher. You'll notice that each station will use unique equipment, either barbells, dumbbells, or open space, so make full use of the space you have available. 


Barbells, Dumbbells/Kettlebells, and open space is all that is needed. There are movements that ask for a box (box jumps) and a speed ladder or bands, but there are alternatives for the few movements that require unique equipment. You may need to be creative at times to fit your specific space.


Expect each training session to take 30-40 minutes. The homework can be done after the training session to save time. To stay on task, expect the warm-up to take 5 minutes. Each station should take 10-12 minutes and using a clock will help you facilitate rotating between stations to ensure each session is being completed on-time.


Your priority days are Monday and Friday. If you can only get 2 workouts per week, those are your two days. If you can get a third, rotate between Tuesday’s and Thursday’s workouts each week. 

You will have full control of each workout and any adjustments that you’d like to make to the program. This can be as simple as adjusting the dates, swapping one movement out for another, adding to or removing from a day’s training. That being said, we recommend not making changes unless you have a good grasp as to why an element of the program exists and you have a good reason for changing it. 

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions. Email us [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Happy Training!

- AboveFit Training Team